About Me…

Hello, and welcome. I love a work in progress, don’t you? Hope so, because that to me is what life is all about…and what I am all about…a work in progress. Read along as I attempt to give life to thoughts, feelings, dreams, hopes–some tangible, some dashed, all very real. If you haven’t noticed, Life can be hard-but I believe we were built for it. The beauty is in how we cherish surviving hardships and finding a way to maintain hope and laughter no matter what…

I am…

A Mom, a friend, hardworker, sometimes afraid, love life and people, have pets, flawed-but teachable, smart and strong, want to live to be a 100 so that when one of my “kids” asks me how old I am and I tell them “100” I’m not lying to them.

We are all many things. May anything I ever write or speak help you see the amazing parts of who you are…

Peace, Katherine


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